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From Mike Grell, who is thought about one of the most influential Green Arrow skills, this is the very first time these cult-favorite stories from the 1980 s and early 1990 s have been gathered in omnibus hardcover format.

For the very first time collected into omnibus hardbound format, checked out the now-cult-classic stories from 1986-1990 by Mike Greel that repositioned Green Arrow as an urban crusader for justice. Green Arrow takes on Russian spies, his sometime enemy Shado, oil business, drug cartels, the Individual Retirement Account, and he even discovers he’ll be a dad. Most importantly, discover the origin of the Emerald Archer and his superhero partner Speedy!

This omnibus collects Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters # 1-3, Green Arrow # 1-50, and a story from Secret Origins #38, plus an all-new intro and cover by Mike Grell and an afterword by series editor Mike Gold.